About Us

Atlantic Highlands Elementary School is a Preschool through Sixth Grade school that is known for its belief and practice in educating the whole child.  Through high academic expectations, cross-curricular activities, social opportunities, and an emphasis on STEM and the arts, our students develop into independent, well rounded, individuals. We provide students with a challenging curriculum that meets their individual needs at all levels while encouraging real-life connections and opportunities to gain mastery of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Additionally, our school provides students with engaging learning opportunities which include distinct aspects such as The Tiger Patch Learning Garden, the use of keyboards and ukuleles as part of our vocal music program, and a wide variety of technology and hands-on learning tools.

Our students have been recognized for their efforts on both the state and local level in a variety of academic and artistic areas.  This has included a wide number of poster contests, participation in Odyssey of the Mind, The Stock Market Game, as well as various essay contests. Additionally, the students at Atlantic Highlands routinely meet or exceed expectations on nationally normed tests including NWEA and PARCC.

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