Susan Kvarantan

Welcome to 3K

 Mrs. Susan Kvarantan

I can be reached at: 

(732)  291-2020 ext. 1118


          WELCOME BACK!

I teach math and social studies to each third grade class.

Mrs. DePinto teaches language arts and science to each third grade class. 


Monday, September 28 --- School is Closed

Tuesday, September 29 --- Back to School Night 

Monday, October 12 --- School is Closed 

Third graders should enter/are dismissed from the door on First Avenue closest to our classrooms and Lincoln Avenue. 
If you would like your child to leave from a different door, please send a note to school indicating from which door he/she should be dismissed.
Please remember that school policy requires you to send a written note to school on each day that your child is being dismissed to "another parent, guardian, or civic group."  
Only water bottles with a "sip" top are allowed in the classroom. 
Here is a general overview of the topics currently being covered:


      Math -- Unit 1: Three-Digit Numbers

Lesson 1:  Use Place Value to Round Numbers
Lesson 2:  Add Three-Digit Numbers
Lesson 3:  Subtract Three-Digit Numbers 

Some websites with fun math games:





Social Studies -- We are learning about the presidential election process.  Your child has a packet containing all the necessary information and assignments.  It will be graded when it has been completed.   




Schedule of Special Classes (in school):

     Monday   --   Music 

       Tuesday  --  Gym 


      Thursday -- Technology

Friday  -- Spanish & Art