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Click here for PARCC practice tests:




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Children's Dictionary:

Reading Eggs

Scholastic Activities

Register for Glogster at:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Click on the link below to visit the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag:

What are we thankful for?

Bust some myths about Thanksgiving at: /

Practice test taking at:

STEM Activities:


Check out these do-it-yourself projects (with the help of an adult, of course!)

Just found this site! Lot's of fun learning games:

Here are some crafty ideas to use after you play in the snow:

Check out this Winter Math site:


Look for information about plants at:




These sites have good information on how to keep your kids safe online (and on their phones!).  (More listed below under "Internet Safety."

Kids and Parents:

Here are some activities to learn about avoiding bullying:  

heart Cool Site Alert!

Try this painting/photo editing program


yes Find some elementary math and reading challenges for various devices at:

Find Public Domain (free to share) images at:

This site is like PhotoShop, but free:

Lots of great games at this Canadian website:

Check out this online painting/drawing program:

Fun learning activities for grades K - 5 at:

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Create a word cloud at:

Build your language and math skills at:

Try this story-making site at home. Send your stories to family and friends via email. You can even save your stories if you sign up for a free account.

Add words to pictures to make a story or poem at:

Praktis ur speling wurds at:

These sites are good for pre-school and up:


  The Hat

Kindergarten games:

Practice math skills at:

Color pictures online at:


Check out these favorites:

Curious George  George

Go to Between the Lions:

      1 2 3 ....

Pre-schoolers and Kindergarten students are practicing letters and words (available in English or Spanish) at:

Lego lovers will enjoy:

Kindergarteners love:

Practice beginning letter sounds at:


:)   Play reading games at:




First Grade

Help the Fidgits get ready for the party:

List your nouns at Alphabet Organizer:

Teach a Monster to Read at:

Choose an animal for your report at:

Practice shapes at:

Practice the oo sound at:

Fix up a house using your measuring skills at:

Lots of good stuff at:

Do Tangrams at this site:

Practice matching numbers and words at:

heart Practice addition and other skills at:

  Use Read, Write, Think to practice language skills:

Practice sentence sequencing at:

First graders practice long vowels/poetry at:

Second Grade

Create a crossword puzzle at:

Get information for biographies at:

$$ Practice your money skills at:

Try these onomatopoeic sentences:

Test your knowledge of proper and common nouns at:

Use these sites to find information about habitats:

  Get a story starter and write at:

Use this site to find information for your animal research reports:

Use this site to practice writing with a picture prompt:

Dinosaurs fans - check out these sites:



Third grade

Learn about fire safety at:

Practice identifying subject/predicate them at:

Check out these reliable sites for learning about endangered species:

Fourth Grade:

Check out these cool Voki's reading 4th graders' poetry:

Science Fair - Use this link to get to your web page:

Learn about the 13 colonies using these sites: studies/13 colonies_map/

Check out these Civil War sites! History/Civil War/index.htm

Practice muliplication facts at:

Investigate the Lenape at:

Research inventors at:

This is a great place to learn about New Jersey!

Review your grammar at:

Fifth Grade 

Use these sites for the "Online Sleuth" exercise:

Click here to register for Gamestar Mechanic:

What is Memorial Day?

Write an acrostic poem about it at:

Alternative Energy:

Fifth graders - Practice identifying states at: (see also: Social Studies)

Find information on presidents at:

Research helpers:

Research using library databases at: (Only accessible at school).

Check out these sites about how to eliminate bullying:

Read about cyberbullies and play "Shrink the Bully" at:

Read about bullies and play "Beat the Bully" at:

All levels -   


Lots of different games for all levels:

Great site for measuring:

Practice graphs and charts at:

Have fun while practicing skills at:

Practice math by grade based on state standards at:

Play Order of Operations games:

Practice coordinates at:


 Tell time at:

$$$$$$$$$ Practice money skills at:

Practice counting coins at:

Practice math at:



Two sites for creating picture books: (You can print books from the first link)


Create a postcard at:

Practice Homophones at:

Fractured Fairy Tales:

This site has various levels of language arts learning activities:

This site has too many good activities to list:

Create your own play at:

Practice grammar and spelling at:

Do online mad libs at:

Lots of links to great skill practice at:

Create poetry at:

Practice identifying types of sentences at:

Get excited about reading (and practice Spanish!) at:

All kinds of great stuff:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss quotes





Learn when you will see the most  Limulus polyphemus  at:

Here are the 2015 dates/places to tag horseshoe crabs:


This site has some cool science games:

Let's visit space!

Learn about bugs at:

Check out animal habitats at:


Learn about Orca Whales at:

Clean up Dumptown at:


Explore dental health. Visit:


Visit the King at:

Learn about Rodgers and Hammerstein at: 

Social Studies:

Practice identifying states and countries (and do other cool activities) at:

Research African countries at: 

Polish map skills at: 

Explore Ellis Island:

Constitution Day is Sept. 17 - check out these sites for more info:


Students can practice Spanish at:

Students can translate Spanish (and other languages) at:

Do a scavenger hunt on the Spanish "Day of the Dead" at:

Get excited about reading (and practice Spanish!) at:


Find clip art at: (To insert clip art on the Mac, click on the picture, then drag it to your document.)

Mush! Learn about the Iditarod at:

Practice grade level skills (math, language, science, etc.) at:

This is a good site for pre-teens to explore:

Help your kids learn to take care of a pet at:

Do online puzzles and other activites at:

Here is a great link for all grade levels (click on the purple arrow to move between grades):

This is a cool web site with learning activities for younger children:

Visit the White House at:

Find out your Chinese New Year animal sign and characteristics at: zodiac posters.htm

Practice typing at:

Dance Mat Typing

General fun sites: m

Find Public Domain pictures and sounds at:

Explore careers at: