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Third Grade Google Classroom Code: hp4caee
Fourth Grade Google Classroom Code: ghfyh6l
Fifth Grade Google Classroom Code: f6lcvqg
Sixth Grade Google Classroom Code: srvypy4

Chorus Google Classroom Code: vkyg7un
Addams Family Google Classroom Code: mrmcfgw
5th Grade Challenge Drama Code: lpthxic
6th Grade Challenge Drama code: zisdfjv

Cast and Crew of Addams Family....
The show must go on! We will reschedule our performances for a later date. In the meanwhile, PLEASE keep reviewing lyrics, dialogue and choreography! You can always get the music by youtubing other schools who have done the show. I am so proud of everything you've already accomplished and we're still going to ROCK this show!
All tickets will be applied to the updated dates. 

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National Anthem Day: September 14! Did you know that our national anthem is 205 years old?!

Pre-School Curriculum First Steps  


Fun Music Websites:

1. Staff Wars!!!

2. Lots of fun games!!!

For Recorder Practicing


NY Philharmonic Kids



PBS Kids - Music













  "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

Victor Hugo