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Happy New Year! WELCOME BACK!

1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
No School
1/31 2nd Trimester Progress Reports
Released on Parent Portal

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Homework is assigned nightly (Mon.-Thurs.) in First Grade! 
(Details at Back to School Night.)
Every night your child will bring home a homework pad with his or her assignment for the night.  Please read and sign the bottom of the page each night.
Homework is the same every night for the most part...
  some fun projects will be sprinkled in throughout the year!
Some Helpful Reminders: 
Special Schedule 2019-2020
    Monday:  Gym & RSVP Readers 
    Tuesday: Music & Art
    Wednesday: Gym, Library & Spanish
    Thursday: Computers 
    Friday:  Garden, Art & Music
-Please sign your child's homework book nightly. (this is part of their homework) Also feel free to use it as a communication tool (I check it every morning for notes).  
-Empty your child's folder nightly. 

-Plastic water bottles are allowed. 
-Please make sure you child wears sneakers on Gym days (Mon and Wed). 
-Library is on Wednesdays

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Order Scholastic books by clicking the link below
and use our Class Code HTCCJ: 


Unit 6 is 3 weeks long and will introduce the concept of a baseword and a suffix with the suffix -s.  Students will learn that suffix -s can make nouns plural and make verbs present tense.  Students will also learn that suffix -s can sound like /s/ or /z/. 

**Be sure to review Trick Words regularly.  They should be able to be read "in a snap".

Reading Workshop

We are beginning our unit on Nonfiction as of the New Year.  Students will spend a great deal of time reading nonfiction and learning about the structures and features of nonfiction texts.  We will be exploring reference books, literary nonfiction, and biographies.  Please encourage your children to explore nonfiction books and magazines at home!

(* is a great beginning reader site*   

Take a look at the Learn To Read link.)

Language Arts/Writing

*It's all about Nouns in grammar.  We will be learning all about people, places, and things and how they are important in our writing.

*In Writer's Workshop we will be exploring and responding to mentor texts that are personal narratives.  We will complete the unit with our very own personal narrative.

Units: Launching, Nonfiction: All About Books, Poetry, and Personal Narrative


  Social Studies with Mrs. Merker
New Years, Winter, Martin Luther King, Jr

Lesson 11 Understand Teen Numbers 
Lesson 12 Make a Ten to Add
Lesson 13 Totals Greater Than 10
Lesson 14 Add Three Numbers
Lesson 15 Make a Ten to Subtract
Lesson 16 Find the Unknown Number
Lesson 17 Word Problems to 20
Lesson 18  Collect and Compare Data

*Please continue to practice basic math facts at home!

**Encourage your children to use various strategies to help them solve problems.**                    

(Check out for fact practice!) 

We are wrapping up our Space Unit before Winter Break. 
Next Up: Physical Science

We are stepping away from a traditional weekly spelling list and test again this year.  Instead, spelling will be embedded in our phonics program (FUNdations) and Writer's Workshop.  Spelling will be assessed formally during FUNdations unit tests, and informally through daily application in authentic writing.
 Our Schedule this year is below: 2019-2020

                      Mon            Tues           Wed            Thurs                 Fri
8:15-8:24  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom

Reading Reading Reading Reading
9:08-9:52   Writing Grammar Writing Grammar Writing
9:52-10:36 Gym FUNdations FUNdations




11:20-12:04 FUNdations 
   Music    Gym Library      Art










12:48-1:32  Science/SS  Science/SS  Science/SS  Science/SS   GARDEN
1:32-2:16 iReady in the Tech Lab      ART


  Centers Library


FUN FRIDAY freetime


Please call or e-mail me with any 
questions or concerns 

(732) 291-2020