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Welcome to my Preschool Page!
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Distance Learning Activities:

Your learning packets contain daily activities, plus additional activities for 10 days.
I am checking in daily via email. 
Please reach out with any questions. 

Resources for talking to children about Corona Virus and Distance Learning:


                           OUR SPECIALS 

                              Am                               Pm

Monday:                   Library                                 Gym

Tuesday:                     Art                                    Library

Wednesday:              Music                             Technology

Thursday:              Technology                           Music

Friday:                        Gym                                    Art

Please wear sneakers for Gym
*Remember your library book for Library​

Some fun things we are doing in our classroom:

The phrases we use in class are in parentheses. Try them at home,too.

The underlined ones are the ones we have learned about in class so far!

Please ask you child about these and reinforce them at home too.

Following Directions 
 (Follow directions right away)

 Handling Disappointment  (We get what we need, not always what we want)
Respect personal space (I have my space. You have your space)

Getting a grown-ups attention appropriately (When I want the teacher's attention, I raise my hand, or say her name one time.)

 Making Good independent choices (I have my own brain, I can make my own choices)

 Paying Attention (Where the eyes go, the brain follows)

Compassion (When I do the right thing, I have a happy heart)

 Honesty (Always tell the truth, no whoppers)

  Using Kind Words (Just because I think it, doesn't mean I say it)

 Learning from Mistakes (The more we practice, the better we get)

 Try them at home and for more information check out the website below


Play is really the work of childhood. #education #inspiration