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Important Dates:

Wednesday, 9/4- Kindergarten Orientation
10:30 a.m.
Thursday, 9/5- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

Friday, 9/6- 1:00 DISMISSAL 
Thursday, 9/18- BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT
 Monday, 9/30- No School Rosh hashana

  Our Friends in KE

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Abel   Charlotte   Dottie  Eoghan     

  Evelyn   Faye   Grayson   Jason   

John   Jonathan Lyla  Mack   Olivia     

Rohan    Saige   Skyla  Tymber Willa

18 Students

Our Specials Class Schedule


Monday: GYM


Wednesday: MUSIC

Thursday:  ART

Friday:  GYM AND SPANISH (every other week) Media Center(every other week)
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We practice Y
oga and Mindfulness in our kindergarten classroom:

Here is an article explaining mindfulness:

 Dan St. Romain Behavior Lessons:


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In class Juan Pablo the chameleon teaches us how to be a kind and caring friend. Below are some of the phrases we us in class to help us learn to make good choices.

The phrases we use in class are in parentheses.The underlined/BOLD ones are the ones we have done in class!

Please ask you child about these and reinforce them at home too.

1. Following Directions   ( Follow directions right away)

2. Handling Disappointment ( We get what we need, not always what we want)

3. Respect personal space   ( I have my space, you have your space)

4. Getting a grown-ups attention appropriately (When I want the teacher's attention, I raise my hand)

5. Making Good independent choices  ( I have my own brain, I can make my own choices)

6. Paying Attention ( Where the eyes go, the brain follows)

7.Compassion   ( When we do the right thing, we have happy heart)

8. Honesty ( Always tell the truth, no whoppers)

9)  Using kind words ( Just because we think it doesn't mean we say it)

10) Learning from Mistakes ( The more we practice, the better we get)

Once we finish the first 10 lessons, these are the next 10 chameleons with Juan Pablos friend, Jax
once they are underlined, it means your child knows it.

We treat others the way you want to be treated.
2) Our differences make us special.
3) My brain controls my body.
We can break bad habits and build good ones.
5) We are all citizens, we take care of our community.
6) Good choices bring out my best self.
7) Our behavior sends a message.
8) I use my time wisely and do my work precisely.
9) Every person is gifted. Every person has challenges.
10) I can exercise my brain. I can exercise my body.

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       Our Curriculum this month:

Reading :  

Our Rainbow Words

Please practice these words:
The children need to know these by the end of the month! 

September RED Words
and, can,is,me,no,the,you

October ORANGE Words
am, at, he, like,on,so,up,we

November/December: YELLOW Words

January/February: Green Words

March/April: Blue Words
for,from,got,her,him,saw,that,they,when, who,will

May/June: Purple Words
because, how, jump, little, look, now, of, or, out, play, this, by


Writer's Workshop :  
‚ÄčWe will begin learning how to organize and talk about stories in sequence. We will begin with pictures to tell a story and move to labeling and then words.


We are learning about our new math words and how we work together with our "turn and talk  partners. We are learning how to "think and share" our ideas. We know it's ok to make a mistake.

Fun Ways to practice Math at home:
Practice different ways to solve a problem. Many times there is not just one answer. Ask your child to EXPLAIN how they got their answer!

Ask us about our sign language to show when we have an idea and when we agree with someone else's idea!

Science/Social Studies: 
apples, friends, back to school, Fall

  Daily Homework:
Practice sight words and read each night!

Weekly Homework:


Tuesday: Poetry Journals

Wednesday: Leveled reading books will come home for your child to practice
with you- Return books on Friday each week! (2nd half of year)